Fault Current Limiting Reactors for Indonesia

Current Limiting Reactors are used in series
To reduce the short circuit current. Oil cooled or Dry Type Reactors are used with capacitor banks to reduce inrush current and as harmonic filters.They are used as reactive load banks or for Neutral grounding. Based on applications reactors can be classified as :
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Power transformers up to 10MVA, 132kV Class
Distribution Transformers from 50kVA up to 5000kVA, 66kV Class
Special Rectifier Duty Transformers
Special Testing Transformers
Arc/ Induction Furnace Transformers
Dry Type (Resin impregnated) Transformers up to 2000kVA, 11kV
Neutral Grounding Transformers / Earthing Transformers
Isolation Transformers
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